KYFC-TV was Kansas City’s first Christian television station. The licensee was Kansas City Youth for Christ (KCYFC). KCYFC was founded in 1943 by Alfred E. Metsker, known by all as Dr. Al. The ministry of KCYFC was targeted towards the youth with clubs established in various schools inside and outside the Kansas City area. Dr. Al was often referred to as the world’s oldest teenager. Al had a tremendous vision to see the youth reached with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. But Al’s vision extended even beyond that. Being disturbed by most of what was on commercial television stations, which was easily available to kids, Al decided it was time for Kansas City to have a television station dedicated to broadcasting wholesome Christian programs to viewers of all age groups.  

The article below by Dr. Al was published in the October 16, 1976 Super Rally Souvenir Booklet informing the reader of the new upcoming Christian television station.

Dr. Al Metsker

Al was made aware that there was a vacant TV channel available in Kansas City. It was assigned to channel 50 and had been on the air some years earlier as a commercial station but had gone off the air. Circa 1976 Al decided to apply to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to obtain a construction permit to build the station.

Getting a broadcast station construction permit from the FCC is a rather lengthy and time consuming process that can take years to obtain a grant. Other obstacles, for example, such as community concerns regarding the construction of a tall tower can cause further delays even after the FCC issues a construction permit. Additionally, constructing a television station from scratch can cost millions of dollars. Since none of the equipment from the previous licensee was around it would be necessary to build the entire station from the ground up. This web site will give some background on how that was achieved.

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Years 1993 - 1997

On May 26, 1993 Dr. Al went home to be with the Lord. He had run the race well in establishing a ministry to the youth of Kansas City and surrounding areas. He also launched the first Christian station in Kansas City. Click on the image at the right to view the tribute to Dr. Al’s life and service to the Lord.

In 1997 a decision was made by the KCYFC leadership and Board to sell KYFC-TV. This was a tough decision based on declining contributions and a desire to focus the ministry exclusively on youth. Additionally, the FCC had mandated that all full power television stations convert from analog to digital broadcasting. This conversion was not financed by the government and would require stations to have to purchase new antennas and transmitters. The cost could easily approach 1.5 million dollars or more! The station was sold to Bud Paxon who was a successful Christian business man and broadcaster. The proceeds from the sale, about 16 million dollars, made it possible to further expand KCYFC’s mission to reach youth with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Interestingly, Al’s vision of having a Christian station in Kansas City is still being fulfilled. KTAJ-TV, licensed to Trinity Broadcasting Network, is broadcasting from the new tower on the same property that KYFC-TV acquired in the 70’s!

In memoriam

Raising the Funds for a Christian Television Station

Even in 1978 it cost millions of dollars to construct a television station. And after it signs on the air, there are continued operating expenses such as electricity, videotape (the only means of recording video at the time), programming production costs and staff.  

Tower - Antenna - Transmitter

In order to send out a television signal for 55+ miles to Kansas City and the outlying areas it requires a large and heavy antenna that is mounted about 1000 feet in the air. It also requires a high powered television transmitter to generate the 1 million Watts needed to get the signal out. KYFC-TV took on doing a lot of the “leg work” with staff and volunteers in order to maximize the dollars contributed by donors.


Acquiring the Land to construct a Tall Television Tower

It would take about 40 acres of land to accommodate constructing a 1000 foot tower. Read about how the land size was determined and some of the work involved in developing the land in preparation of building the tower along with a building to house the transmitter to broadcast KYFC-TV programming.

Acquiring Land

TV Studio and Technical Equipment Center

Here are some photos of the KYFC-TV studio and technical operations center. During the hours that KYFC-TV was on-air, programming ran from a area called Master Control. Here, operators licensed by the FCC monitored transmitter parameters to ensure it was operating pursuant to the Rules. In the other areas of the technical area and studio programming was produced and recorded on videotape.

Transmitter Site KYFC-TV Studio

Thoughts and Comments

Read comments from those that were involved with the launch of KYFC-TV and who help in producing content that was broadcast on the station.

Thoughts and Comments

A Joyous day - KYFC-TV signs On-the-Air

December 15, 1978 was a day to be remembered. It was a God given vision to Dr. Al come true, KYFC-TV signed on the air.

KYFC-TV On the Air

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